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Interested in becoming a volunteer puppy raiser or puppy sitter?

  1. Read “A Puppy’s Story” on this website.

  2. Make sure you are available for meetings on Monday evenings,  7:30-8:30 PM, year round. Meetings are held in central San Jose. See calendar on this website. You will need an appointment to attend a meeting (see #4).

  3. Carefully read the Expectations of Paws-abilities Puppy Raisers and the Paws-abilities Club Guidelines.

  4. To find out if we have room in our group for new members, select this link:

 Contact a LEADER


If our group is full or Monday night is not a convenient meeting time, please contact one of the other Guide Dog Puppy Raising Groups in Santa Clara County:


Saratoga—Sundays, 10:30-noon Meetings are twice a month (once a week when pup is 2-4 months old). Contact Marilyn Wyllie 408-255-3970.


San Mateo/Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Los Altos—Meetings are Sundays,1-3 PM. Meetings are two to three times a month. Contact Linda Korth at 650-697-6917.


Expectations of Paws-abilities Puppy Raisers

  • All members of the household must be committed to raising a puppy.

  • Raisers can be adults or youth, 9 years and older. All youth must have the active involvement of at least one adult. Drivers must remain at all meetings.

  • Raisers must provide a safe and secure living environment. All puppies must be on leash when not in a secure area.

  • There must be a compatible relationship with other pets in the home—time with other dogs must be limited and always supervised. (The Puppy Raising Leader can provide more information.)

  • Puppies must sleep indoors and spend most of their time with people. Young puppies need to be supervised throughout the day. A guide dog pup must be a member of the family.

  • Raisers must provide daily exercise and socialization for the puppies.

  • Raisers and puppies are to attend 80% of regularly scheduled club meetings and outings. Paws-abilities meetings are held weekly.

  • Raisers are responsible for some expenses, including specific food and incidental expenses. The estimated cost to raise a guide dog pup is $400 per year. These expenses may be tax-deductible, depending on state tax laws.

  • Raisers must use only Guide Dog approved training and management techniques when working with the puppies. Raisers receive a Training Manual and are taught by Paws-abilities club leaders and other representatives of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Raisers must follow all training instructions given by representatives of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

  • Raisers need to be willing to travel to meet with Guide Dog representatives for evaluation of the puppy’s progress and/or attend training workshops. Raisers may need to travel to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael several times while raising a puppy.

  • Raisers must be a positive representative of Guide Dogs for the Blind within their communities.

  • Raisers are required to release the puppy back to Guide Dogs for the Blind at the organization's request.


Guidelines for Becoming a Paws-abilities Volunteer Puppy Raiser

(It is not necessary to print this form from this web site. It will be emailed to prospective raisers.)


1. Raising a Guide Dog pup is a fun and challenging project. The level of good behavior a guide dog puppy must be taught surpasses that of most household pets. It takes varying amounts of time to build the dog handling skills necessary to be ready to raise a puppy. Submitting an application and attending meetings does not guarantee receiving a puppy. We look forward to working with you!


2. You can receive an application for puppy raising after you have attended three consecutive meetings. (Check calendar on this website.) Have leader initial your attendance.

#1 meeting date: ______ ______

#2 meeting date: ______ ______

#3 meeting date: ______ ______

#4 meeting date: ______ ______

#5 meeting date: ______ ______

#6 meeting date: ______ ______


Once you’ve attended three consecutive meetings, record your meeting attendance in #5 below.


3. Paws-abilities leaders will come to your home and do a yard and house check. This is for the purpose of identifying possibly dangerous environmental conditions including, but not limited to, poisonous plants and inadequate fencing. It takes about 30 minutes.

Date: _______________ Leader’s signature ______________________


4. All family members who will be working with the pup will attend a Puppy Raising Manuel overview meeting, which lasts about 90 minutes.

Date: _________________ Leader’s signature ____________________


5. Once you submit your application, any family members who will be working with the pup should continue to attend the obedience meetings held at the gym. These occur twice a month. These obedience meetings must be attended regularly to build your dog handling skills.

Dates attended: _______________________________________________





6. Prospective puppy raisers will puppy sit at least five days prior to receiving your own puppy. 

#1 Puppy sitting dates: _____________ Pup’s name ________________

#2 Puppy sitting dates: ____________ Pup’s name _________________


7. During the last month before your puppy arrives, you must attend at least 80% of puppy meetings.

Dates attended: ____________________________________________


8. From the time your puppy arrives, you must attend at least 80% of all regular club meetings or specially called puppy meetings.

Puppy Raiser Expectations
Puppy Raiser Guidelines